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Life Style Bhiwandi

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Bhiwandi City an opportunity which bring amazing exprenice about website, an effort made to help and care customers Business to Business , Business to Customer

Very few people know what really our most loved Bhiwandi city is, Basically there are two reasons for it, ignorance and non-curiosity. Since ancient times Bhiwandi is important strategically, politically, economically, socially etc. There are many interesting things and facts to know about it especially for our young Bhiwandians. There is no such media available, so we have decided to launch our city's own portal, We need your support guys. Lets show to the world that we exist. Proud to be Bhiwandian!!!

Bhiwandi being Powerloom and Warehouses hub Attracts People. People of different classes and religions live happily and peacefully here. hence making it the metropolitan city.

    People enjoy different festivals of different religions with equal envolvement. with over 1.5 million population bhiwandi rising to witness the era of change. bhiwandi changing, changing for good. Bhiwandi citys population was about half a million in 2001. The bulk of the population forms the workforce for a number of textile and other industry. The first textile loom was set-up by Khan Saheb Samad Seth in 1927. Today the city of Bhiwandi has about half a million-power looms, though handlooms are few in number. No wonder Bhiwandi is Manchester of India. The city of Kolis was known by the name Kolwan. The tribal people of the region of Konkan were called Kolis and they are traditional fishermen. Some of the traditional wooden fishing boats can be seen even today in the Bhiwandi area. The Kolis have their own customs and speak a different dialect of Marathi.